Bio - Mike Jones
Mike Jones


Mike “Sandalwood” Jones has been committed to music and bass guitar for over twenty years. He actually got his start in music as a playing piano. “In my first band I started out on keyboards. I used to help the bass player pick out the notes of the songs, and quickly fell in love with the instrument.” He quickly left that band and the keyboards behind, and he and his bass began their magical musical journey.

Success came along rather fast as his band “Ethnic Gender” became a neighborhood favorite. “We controlled the local party seen with our brand of brand of party music. It was the eighties and everybody wanted to have a good time.” After a good run the band went their separate ways.

Mike went on to join the newly formed “Dark Globe.” A dark angry original band that nobody understood but everybody loved. “Those were great times. We created music, made albums, and went on tours. We won the people over and then faded into the night.

Then along came the blues. “I had to look for bands to play with when I played other forms of music, but when it came to the blues, the bands came looking for me.” Mike played with “The Mississippi Mudsharks”, “Ronnie ‘Nighttrain’ Lane and the Texas Twisters”, and “Martha’s Kitchen” just to name a few. He currently plays with “The Bill Magee Blues Band” when he’s not touring the world with Family Jamm.

Mike uses several basses. “My main bass is an Ibanez Soundgear Six String. I also use a Music Man Sterling Four String, and a Fender Jazz Fretless Four String. My amps are Ampeg.

Credits: Five time winner: San Diego Music Awards: Winner of the Jim Croce award for musical excellence. Just to name a few.