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Jose Treto


Jose Treto (June 16, 1979-Present) Born and raised in Escondido, CA. He spent the early stages of his life learning. Jose studied both in school and on the street. His favorite subjects in school were literature, poetry, and history. His favorite subjects on the streets were mathematics, metric weighing tools, fractions and collecting money in lump sums! Jose struggled through his childhood and adolescence with his identity. Much of Joseís early inspiration for writing came from the hate he experienced as the son of Mexican immigrants that came to the U.S. for a better economic situation and life. In 1994, stuck in between a world of ďheaven and hell,Ē he decided to write his first poem during his freshman year of high school. This poem was an "I Am" poem. Jose began to write with a passion and slowly started discovering who he was. Who would have thought that this small class assignment would spark a flame in his brain, heart, soul, and spirit that still continues to burn today more than ever!

Jose Treto slowly evolved into a street poet/lyricist, also known as an MC or rapper. He started writing RAPs about street-life, youth-life in the community, and current events around the world. Politics soon followed and he was led by his strong spirituality. Jose knows that it is his calling from God to be an extreme activist rapper. RAP to Jose is an acronym for Rhythm And Poetry. RAP in a different way, keeping it real and positive for humanity.

Jose rapped with his friends from the block

Bryan Powers and Daniel DeJesus. They started rapping on other artists instrumentals and recorded their first song called "Mics A Joint" in a karaoke store in the mall where Jose worked. They had a small recording booth and Jose used Warren G's instrumental "Whatís Love Got To Do With It," a remix of Tina Turners original tune. The song was a metaphor of a microphone and a joint: "Hit the mic, pass it on, now you take a hit." The song was kind of popular in his high school and Jose loved the feeling of creating music that has an impact.

In 1997 Jose Treto graduated from high school. Not knowing what he wanted to do for a living he knew it was time to start creating rhythms for his poetry. In the summer of 1997 Jose was involved in a vehicle accident. The driver was intoxicated and they ran into a palm tree about one block away from getting Jose home after a wild night of summer partying. Jose suffered from two compound fractures in his right femur that tried to slow him down in his mission. After the summer of 1997 he enrolled at Mira Costa College in Oceanside, California. With no car and a broken leg, he depended on the city bus, and his family to get him to and from school. Jose was on crutches and still hustling his way to bus stops and transit centers just so he can take on such classes as Recording Arts, Computerized Audio Production/MIDI, Live Concert Sound Reinforcement, Digital Non Linear Editing systems, Electronics and so on. He began to sequence beats or instrumentals on a Yamaha electronic piano, sound module, and a Macintosh Apple computer with the software EZVision. He recorded two more songs at the Mira Costa College studio with Bryan Powers and Daniel DeJesus. "Retaliation" and "Cant See My Life." Along the way Jose met friends and associates who learned from one another. Although he was in school learning what he wanted to learn, Jose still wanted his own place to work on his music!

Two years later, in the summer of 1999, Jose Treto bought the first pieces of his own studio gear: a mixer, an effects processor, a compressor, an ADAT recorder and an arsenal of microphones. He also bought himself a small used drum set. Jose started jamming with friends Adam Fishleigh (bass) and Tyson Esh (guitar) in Tyson's uncle Jims garage. Six months later he bought a Korg Triton keyboard workstation and made it the backbone of his studio. He then began composing hundreds of beats and recording songs on his ADAT recorders. Jose recorded such songs as "Gods Got My Back" and "Donít Judge."

In 2000 Jose Treto linked up with his older brotherís best friend Scott Zubec. Jose, and his girlfriend Elizabeth, took Scott in as a roommate. Jose built his studio in the two bedroom apartment where they lived in West Escondido. Scott basically lived in the studio! There they recorded more songs like, "Society" and then added Scott to the roster in the song "Donít Judge." So now we have Jose, Bryan, Daniel, Scott, and soon after Jose's cousin Cesar Torres. They all formed a brotherhood and a love for real life music. Just like that, Real Life Records was born!

Jose and Scott put their money together, in the

Spring of 2005, and made a trip to the Apple store in Fashion Valley. Together the two bought a new Apple G5 computer. They also stopped at Guitar Center for a MOTU Traveler, MOTU DP4 software and hardware for recording. Jose and Scott headed back to the lab and got to work. They started doing shows at different venues around San Diego and Los Angeles. Places like the BLVD, Metaphor, Jumping Turtle, Sandbar, and more. They also were doing talk shows and about to do a festival in Los Angeles until the day of, on July 29, 2006. Jose got a call informing him that Scott had passed away. Real Life Records was on hold after that. It seems like the brotherhood was falling apart without Scott. Soon after that, June of 2007, a disappointing tragedy occurred that split up the brotherhood. Jose now sits on a library of songs and music that they all recorded and now what?

Now begins Phase 3 of Jose's musical life. Jose is now working on a new project with Martin Tramil, guitar and bass extraordinaire, of Family Jamm. With Martin's musical experience and roots of Blues and Funk, mixed with Jose's Rhythm And Poetry, it will be interesting to see what's to come. Stay tuned and be ready.