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Martin Tramil


Having paid years of dues as a rhythm section member, I am committed to Family Jamm being the type of project that inspires all of the musicians and artists involved to bring fourth the creative passion from deep down in their souls. That working with Family Jamm leaves them completely self-expressed, musically fulfilled and heart-warmed by the knowledge that their contributions are essential to the success of the project and make a difference in our world.

Martin Tramil

Martin Tramil is the leader of Family Jamm. Inspired by his father’s guitar playing and his mother making him sing German Christmas carols, Martin got his first guitar at age 10. A year later, when the neighborhood band needed a bass and an amplifier, Martin emptied the savings account started for him by his grandmother and bought his first bass, thus becoming a bassist. Martin played his first “professional” gigs two years later and by fifteen started his own band, in Ft. Leonardwood MO, with long time friend and TOXIC REASONS lead guitarist, Kurt Harley. Martin also had formal training on drums and percussion from 8th grade through the 11th grade.

The summer after graduating high school, a week after his 18th birthday, with bass in one hand and duffle bag in the other, Martin left the current family home in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany, and struck out for San Diego California to form a band with early childhood band mate, guitarist Lance Bingham. During the next couple of years Martin created the bands “SAINT” with Bingham and “STEEL HAVEN”. Both bands had run their course by the summer of 1986 and Martin was faced with making a living as a 20 year old with no job skills.

Martin spent the next four years working day jobs, from pumping gas to doing various construction trades and even selling vacuum cleaners for about a month, all the while working on his bass playing skills. In the fall of 1990, a chance introduction to Willie Jaye “The Texas Hurricane” by family friend Sunshine, lead to Martin playing with the Willie Jaye Band four of the next six years. Martin’s involvement with WJB earned him San Diego’s Blues Band of the Year 1992 and a nomination for the same Award in 1993. During this period WJB had a weekly Monday night spot at Blind Melons (now www.Beachclub710.com) then the premier Blues venue in the San Diego beach area, which provided Martin the opportunity to open for many National and International Blues Artists (Opened 4/Backed up List) that came through the club.

Martin also spent a year and a half playing with the Trevor James Band between stints with the WJB. Trevor James Band was a seven piece Reggae band with players from Jamaica, Haiti and the US.

Following Martin’s second stint with the WJB, he began working with Chill Boy & The Firebirds. Chill Boy, who had worked with Ike Turner and Smokey Wilson, was doing his own thing now and working towards an eventual album release. Chill Boy & The Firebirds won San Diego’s Best Blues Band Award for 2000 and went to Memphis TN, to compete in the International Blues Challenge. This band is also where Martin first had the opportunity to play with wonderfully talented and gracious drummer/musician Larry Dent, who is currently one of FAMILY JAMM’S Featured Artists.

2000 was also the year Martin began playing with Martha’s Kitchen, featuring Jerry “Hot Rod” De Mink as the main song writer, singer and guitarist. This was Martin’s first opportunity to play guitar in a professional setting. MK also featured the very talented Anthony Quinley on drums and vocals (Ravi Coltrane Band), and Mike “Sandalwood Haze” on Bass (Bill McGhee New Blues Band). Mike is also a Featured Artist with FAMILY JAMM. MK also received a nomination for San Diego’s Best New Blues Band Award for 2001.

In 2001 Martin also worked with top notch Blues Artist Aunt Kizzyz Boyz. He played with them for about a year, doing clubs, casinos, private parties and recording.

Martin, along with MK band mate Anthony Quinley, started 3-P-SOOPE in 2002 and by the spring of ’03 Martin was at helm flying solo. With a new lineup, 3-P-SOOPE limped along until mutually disbanding in 2005. During this time Martin was also working with keyboardist/singer songwriter Johnny Neal, who he still plays with currently. Johnny Neal can be seen annually at the Idyllwild Jazz Fest www.Jazzinthepines.com.

2006 saw Martin working with John Arevalo (Righteous Bro. James Brown) on Classic R&B band DyanGroove.

May 2006 Martin was again working with Aunt Kizzyz Boyz, this time on second guitar and backing vocals.

Martin also continued to do gigs with DyanGroove throughout ’06. During the fall of 2007 DynaGroove went through a transformation, with John Arevalo leaving to the Portland area, and emerged in it’s current form as Martin Tramil’s FAMILY JAMM.


The following Awards and Nominations have been earned by Martin Tramil during his career: 1992 San Diego Music Awards Winner- Blues Artist of the Year (Willie Jaye Band), 1993 San Diego Music Awards Nominee- Blues Artist of the Year(Willie Jaye Band), 1997 San Diego County Guitar Centers Winner-Bassist of the Year, 2000 Blues Lovers United San Diego Winner-Blues Artist of the Year/IBC Memphis 2000 (Chill Boy & The Firebirds), 2001 San Diego Music Awards Nominee-Best New Blues Artist of the Year (Martha’s Kitchen).

Recording Credits/Radio & Television: Belly Up to the Blues ( record compilation sponsored by the Belly Up Tavern feat. Willie Jaye “the Texas Hurricane,” Martha’s Kitchen “Women Trouble,” Chill Boy & The Firebirds “Chill Boy.” CBS 2 Los Angeles, MTV’s “Rebuild L.A.”, KUSI 51 San Diego, KSDS Jazz 88 FM San Diego.

San Diego Street Scene, MTV’s Spring Break ‘94, Memphis 2000, San Diego Blues Fest 2000, Star Light Bowl Balboa Park San Diego, Rebuild Los Angeles ’92 Water Gardens, Idyllwild Jazz Fest ’04, ‘05 and ’07.